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A Skyrim pillow seems like a nice present

Let it carry your burdens to dreamland.

(Image credit: o0PETER0o)

Redditor u/o0PETER0o decided to give a friend the gift that keeps on giving, by which I mean a videogame-themed pillow. Unfortunately most videogame-themed pillows are kind of gross, but that’s no reason to give up. Armed with a screenshot from the game’s overlong introductory sequence and a link to a website that makes personalized pillows—and socks, towels, and so on—by printing customer-submitted images on them, u/o0PETER0o created the memetastic present you see above.

The website in question was, by the way, which is not a name that suggests wholesome gifts like this one but whatever. After u/o0PETER0o posted a photo of the pillow to the Elder Scrolls subreddit yesterday it was then ripped off by someone else and reposted to r/gaming without attribution, because of course it was. Go upvote the original and restore some justice to the world.

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