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Dota 2’s latest update makes more MMR changes and cuts off chat for toxic players

Players with overly low behavior scores will find that their pieholes have been shut.

(Image Credit: Valve)

It appears that there were some issues with the Dota 2 matchmaking rating changes that were rolled out in September. Valve said in its latest Dota 2 blog post that “some players, especially at the high end, have experienced a significant drop in matchmaking quality as a result of our recent iterations,” and so it’s made further changes to the system in the most recent game update.

The new update adds a rule for matchmaking for Immortal ranks intended to reduce some common “negative behaviors” and make solo queuing more viable, and also adds new restrictions on what solo and party matchups are allowed. Numerous bugs in the matchmaking system have been fixed, and there will be a greater emphasis on “having supports not be the highest MMR players in a game.”

The update also makes some changes to the post-game evaluation screen, and adds a post-game survey that players will sometimes be asked to complete that “allow us to gather more player sentiments on match quality to help find common patterns to what makes matches enjoyable vs what makes them unenjoyable.” Some methods of reporting players that weren’t rated-limited have been removed “in order to improve the signal-to-noise ratio,” and Valve is also taking more steps to crack down on toxic players by disabling chat and voice functionality for anyone whose behavior score is below 3000.

The previous update included a wave of bans on players “at the very extreme edge” of toxic and negative behavior, but that only impacted a small percentage of the player base. “We also wanted a more gradual system to address players that are not at the furthest extreme but are still big outliers from the general player population,” Valve explained.

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